Joe Wells Scissors Review – Should You Invest In This Shears Brand?


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Joewell Scissors Review – Should You Buy Their Shears?

Joe well scissors is a renowned shear brand which has been making professional hairstyling and hairdressing scissors for over 100 years. The brand was established in 1917 and has become one of the most prominent shear brands. The name, Joewell scissors, is synonymous to definitive quality, distinct design, and expertly crafted scissors. Joe well scissors caters globally to the diverse needs of hairdressers and professional hairstylists.

Are Joewell scissors/Joe well scissors worth buying?

Joewell scissors are worth buying due to their high-quality materials, adjustable features, various handle designs, and the option of purchasing them through easy non-interest installments.

Many of the premium shears have won various awards for high quality craftsmanship. Joewell scissors has master artisans with extensive experience and knowledge of latest technologies which is utilized for producing award-winning designs such as the SPM series that won the Gold Award 2018 and Red Dot Award 2019.

All professional hairstylists require a variety of tools for creating different hairstyles. Longer tools with convex are needed for point-cutting. Similarly, a separate set of tools are required for thinning and blunt cutting. This brand offers a wide assortment of professional shears and you can buy the finest Japanese hairdressing as well as texturizing shears from Joewell scissors.

Straight Scissors by Joe well Scissors

Joe Well Scissors has an excellent collection of classic scissors whose both blades are identical. They are a staple product for every professional hairstylist and have multiple uses. Such scissors are perfect for point and slide cutting. Most professional hairstylists utilize these straight joe well scissors for dry cutting as well.

Joewell R Curved Series ($249 or $62.25 monthly – four installments)

joewell scissors saleThe Joewell R Curved series comes in two sizes: 5.0 and 5.5 inches. Professional hairstylist find these shears perfect for creating soft textured cuts. Best handles feature detachable finger rests and a precision flat screw.

Joewell Classic Series ($300 or $75.00 monthly – four installments)

joewell scissors official websiteThe Joewell Classic Series is one of the most basic tool that every professional should own. These shears are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 4.50 inches, all the way to 7 inches. Ideally, most professional prefer 5.5 inches to 6.0 inches for point cutting. The shear comes with a standard Joewell blade made with premium quality Japanese stainless steel. This particular shear has a single removable tang and a straight handle design. It uses a flat screw tension system which adds to the shear’s smoothness.

Joe Well Scissors Mission Statement:
To provide award winning design and hand finished scissors.

Offset Scissors by Joe well Scissors

joewell scissors setThese shears offer slightly better ergonomics as compared to the classic design. The offset scissors have an angled handle area where one shaft is shorter compared to the other. Many professional hair stylists prefer the offset joe well scissors as it offers a more natural holding posture. There are a variety of offset options available in the Joe well scissors range:

Hair Thinning Scissors Joe Wells Scissors

joewell scissorsProfessional hairstylists require at least one pair of hair thinning shears, also known as texturizing shears or texturizers. These shears are commonly reduced to excess volume from the hair. Joe well scissors has a broad range of thinning scissors which are broadly categorized into three categories: (1) texturizing shears, (2) finishing shears, and (3) chunking shears. Thinning shears have one blade with teeth while the other blade has a cutting edge. Depending upon which thinning scissors are you using, you can blend different sections, or create diffused shapes.

Texturizing Shears (25+ teeth)

A typical texturizing shear by joe well scissors has 25 or more teeth. These shears are commonly used for finishing up or finalizing the cuts. Professional hairstylists use these shears for creating a light-weight, airy texture. Try Joewell FX Pro 40 Blender.

Finishing Shears (15 to 22 teeth)

Most finishing shears are used for creating smooth, diffused finish or for blending ends. Joe well scissors has a selection of finishing shears with 15 to 22 teeth. Try Joewell HXG 20.

Chunking Shears (7 to 15 teeth)

Often a client with profusely dense hair visits the salon. Professional hairstylists have a special tool in their toolkit to help remove thick locks of hair. Chunking shears have between 7 to 15 teeth which allow for significant spacing between the teeth – best suited for removing excessive weight from the hair. Try Joe well JGC 12.

Curved and Swivel Scissors

joewell black cobalt scissorsJoe well scissors has all sorts of professional tools available. The Joewell curved series is perfect for creating smooth, flawless and soft-textured cuts. For professional hairstylists aiming for better ergonomics, there are swivel options available which allow for a natural range of motion and let you automatically correct the cutting posture. Joewell scissor’s swivel range is best suited for professionals who complain about elbow or wrist pain. All these swivel options have an offset handle, screw-in bumper and a convex edge.

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Are Joewell scissors/Joe well scissors worth buying?

Yes, joewell scissors are definitely worth the money as they are made with the best available materials (Japanese stainless steel, cobalt-base alloy, titanium coated premium stainless alloy). Most premium shears have an adjustable tension system, adjustable screw, and removable finger rests. Different handle designs, lengths and shapes are availables. The best part – you can get a premium shear and accessories on easy non-interest installments.