Carrying Scissors On A Plane – Is That Possible?


can you carry scissors on a plane

What do authorities say about carrying scissors on a plane?

Scissors are the most important tool in a professional’s toolkit. Professional hairstylists often need to travel and it is important for the stylist to know the regulations for carrying their professional hairstyling shears. If these regulations are not followed properly, it is quite possible that the airport security confiscates the shears or prevents you from carrying scissors on a plane. No professional hair stylist needs to lose their hair styling shears and losing a bunch of good quality shears can be a big loss. This comprehensive article addresses all your questions regarding carrying scissors on a plane.

American Airline Laws for Carrying Scissors on a Plane

Carrying scissors on a plane is subject to varying regulations in different countries. In the United States, regulations are relatively lenient. While airport authorities may inquire about scissors larger than 4 inches, they can generally be safely packed in checked-in bags.

Australian Regulations Regarding Carrying Scissors on a Plane

Australia has strict airport security regulations, and the Department of Home Affairs may ask you to put shears above 2 inches in your checked-in bags. To ensure compliance and a smoother travel experience, it is advisable to pack your shears in checked luggage instead of carry-on bags.

Pro advice: To avoid nicks or scratches while travelling, always pack your shears in a good quality shear case.

Professional hairstylists must know that while certain countries and airlines may permit small scissors on flights, most professional shears exceed 4.5 inches. Point-cutting shears typically measure 5.0 inches or more, and high-quality texturizing shears like the Hanzo HH6T Kime Texturizer are typically six inches long.

To prevent airport-related frustrations, follow the following guidelines:

  1. Put all your shears in your checked bags.
  2. Put sheaths over the shear blades OR store all the shears in a case.
  3. Don’t pack your prized pair of scissors in your carry-on.
  4. Enjoy your flight.

TSA Regulations: Can I Carry Hair Cutting Scissors on a Plane?

carrying scissors on a planeThe Transportation Security Administration (TSA) oversees airport security in the United States. TSA officers have the authority to confiscate items from passengers, including professional shears, if they attempt to be brought on a plane.

According to TSA regulations, passengers can bring scissors on a plane in both checked and carry-on baggage, provided that the shear blade length is below 4.0 inches. To ensure safety, TSA requires the shears to be appropriately wrapped or sheathed to prevent handling injuries.

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However, it’s important to note that the final decision regarding allowing scissors on a plane rests with the TSA officer. Additionally, TSA provides specific guidelines for packing scissors, so it’s advisable to review those if you carry professional hairstyling shears without a case.

Access the TSA’s list of prohibited items by following this link.

How should hair-cutting scissors be packed in carry-on bags?

According to TSA regulations, scissors can be brought into your carry-on luggage if the distance between the pivot point and the blade is less than 4 inches. Although they usually measure 5-7 inches (13-18 cm) in length, most hair-cutting scissors satisfy the criteria of having a blade within 4 inches of the pivot point.

can i carry small scissors on a plane

While a pair of scissors with a length of 7 inches may have a blade less than 3 inches long from the pivot point to the tip, measuring longer scissors is essential to ensure compliance. Before putting longer scissors in your carry-on bag, check their measurements because they may have blades that are longer than the limit.

Remember that Federal law prevents the TSA from returning prohibited items left at the security checkpoint. As a result, you may have to leave your scissors behind and risk losing them if they are different from the appropriate size.

How should hair-cutting scissors be carried in checked bags?

The TSA does not impose specific length requirements for packing scissors in checked baggage. Even if your hair scissors have blades longer than 4 inches from pivot point to tip, you can safely pack them in your checked baggage. In any case, TSA advises wrapping or sheathing your scissors in checked baggage.

Wrapping hair-cutting scissors

can i carry scissors on a planeAccording to the TSA, if you pack sharp objects such as scissors in your checked stuff, it is advised to sheathe or wrap them. During the handling and inspection of baggage, this precaution ensures their safety. When removing items from your bag, sheathing or wrapping hair scissors can also help prevent accidental injuries. Sheaths protect you and the other items in your bag from accidental cuts. However, any material can be used for covering the shears up. You can use one of the following materials:

  1. Leather
  2. Paper towels
  3. Washcloth
  4. Cardstock paper

If you are a professional hairstylist, try out these good-quality sheaths. These sheaths are a great way to pack scissors on a plane and carry them effortlessly.