Learn How To Hold Scissors Like The Professionals


how to hold scissors

How To Hold Scissors Like The Professionals

How to hold scissors can show whether you’re a professional. Even the best hairstylists sometimes must check if they’re holding their scissors correctly. Holding them right can make your hands and wrists feel better and help you do tricky haircuts that keep your clients coming back. And if you use the best tools along with the right grip? That can make you seem more professional and feel more comfortable.

Whether you’re new to hairstyling or have been doing it for a long time, we’ll talk about the good and not-so-good things about holding your scissors the right way during your career.

The Risks of Incorrect Scissor Grip

Your hands are the most valuable tools in your hairstyling career. Having a proper grip, along with ergonomic shears, is essential for a long and successful career. Unfortunately, many hairstylists face potential risks from an improper scissor grip, which can lead to repetitive strain injuries due to awkward and uncomfortable wrist positions during prolonged work periods.

However, the consequences of an incorrect grip extend beyond just hand discomfort; it can impact your hairstyling results. How to hold scissors correctly is crucial for mastering intricate cuts and ensuring client satisfaction. Clients will keep returning for more when they love their new look.

Grip matters for safety, comfort, and building a loyal client base. So, how should you hold your shears correctly? We’ll explore that shortly, but you must ensure you have the right-sized shears.

Determining the Correct Scissor Size

Before focusing on the correct grip and hand positioning, it’s crucial to have scissors of the right size for your hairstyling needs.

  1. Check Finger Rings: Ensure the thumb and finger fit comfortably into the rings. Small rings can be problematic, while oversized rings may lead to accidental drops and imprecise cuts.
  2. Consider Cut Types: Your choice of scissor length should also align with the types of cuts you’ll be performing. Versatile stylists may benefit from a shear set that suits various styles.
  3. Measure Properly: To find the right scissor length, place them on your palm with the finger ring touching the base of your thumb and the blade tip resting on the final section of your middle finger.

Once you’ve determined the correct size, you can search for your ideal shears, ensuring you have professional tools to complement your grip.

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Proper Technique for Holding Hairdressing Scissors

holding scissors the right way

Now, let’s proceed with holding your correctly sized scissors correctly. Before inserting your fingers into the rings, ensure the scissors are correctly oriented. The ring designed for your ring finger, which often features a tang or finger rest, should be positioned on top. Simultaneously, the thumb ring should be pointing downward.

Begin by placing your ring finger into the upper handle and your thumb into the lower handle of the scissors. The remaining fingers should gently rest on the exterior of the finger ring. Initially, this grip may feel unfamiliar. However, as you relax your hand and practice opening and closing the scissors, you’ll notice that only your thumb should be moving. With some practice, this motion should become more natural and effortless.

If this grip still feels uncomfortable after practice, exploring different scissor styles that better align with your hair-cutting technique may be worthwhile. For instance, offset shears may reduce the need to bend your wrist as much, potentially enhancing your comfort. Don’t be discouraged; finding the perfect scissor style that matches your grip is crucial. Once you’ve achieved this balance and maintained the correct grip, you’ll undoubtedly become the sought-after hairdresser in demand.

Proper technique and professionalism go hand-in-hand

As a hairstylist, your dedication to your craft mirrors that of professional athletes. Much like athletes who tirelessly refine their techniques and eliminate bad habits to excel, you take your work seriously. Mastering essential skills like the proper scissor grip becomes second nature with time.

Mastering the correct scissor-holding technique is a small yet impactful step toward ensuring your success. Not only will you deliver clients their desired hairstyles, but you’ll also gain newfound confidence in safeguarding your hands. When combined with high-quality professional scissors, this skill propels you to unbeatable heights.”