5 Coolest Scissor Sheaths To Buy In 2023 – Protect Your Shears


scissor sheath

Professional hairstylists have a lot of money invested in high quality professional shears. These shears cost $400 upwards and can be viewed as an investment. There are numerous benefits of scissor sheaths, also known as scissor covers or scissor sleeves.

What is a scissor sheath?

A scissor sheath is a small protective leather or plastic cover that fits over the shears. They cover the shear blade and protect them from environmental or accidental drop damage. Keeping the shear blade covered with a sheath can help prevent injuries as well. A vast variety of sheaths are available in the market – leather, plastic and fabric sheaths are most common.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Scissor Sheath

A couple things need to be considered while purchasing a scissor sheath

  • Material – Picking the right material is important. The sheath must be made of a hard material which protects the shears from the exterior. The sheath’s interior should have some velvet lining ideally to prevent blade damage.
  • Size – Shear sheaths must be the right size – not too big and not too small. If the sheath is too small, the shear won’t fit and if the sheath is too big, the scissor will not be held firmly in place – may slip off or fall.

5 Coolest Shear Sheaths To Buy In 2023

Here are 5 of the coolest sheaths to buy in 2023

Scissor Sheath Safety Covers by Mudder Store (Amazon) – 6 Pcs

scissors sheathIf you are looking for a low priced scissor sheath, Mudder Store (Amazon) has you covered. The Mudder store sheaths come in three colors: (1) black, (2) gray, and (3) light apricot. These sheaths are ideal for scissors between 3.5 to 5 inches and are made of pu leather. One good thing about pu leather is that it is wear-resistant, tough and tactile. If you are a professional hairstylist who travels a lot, these sheaths will be perfect. Overall, the feel of the sheath is nice and finishing is also good.

Drawback – These sheaths are tough and good quality but only fit smaller shears under 5.0 inches. If you own a 5.5 inch or bigger shear, these sheaths will only cover the tip – leaving the rest of the blade exposed!

Leather Scissor Sheath by Thread & Maple

scissor sheathIf you are like me and love the feel of leather, this one’s for you. These sheaths are handcrafted from high quality, genuine soft leather, A retractable tape measure with a sturdy tich button. Available in three

color options – (1) Rose, (2) Whiskey and (3) Chocolate.
One sheath costs $17.00 which is fairly expensive when you can get a decent quality shear case for under $50.00.

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Polka Dot Embroidery Scissor Sheath by Stitched Modern

leather scissor sheathIf you are a fan of funky accessories, you will like these scissor sheaths by Stitched Modern. They look super cool and cost just $5.00. Faux leather is used in the making of these sheaths which protect the shears from nicks and scratches. On the downside, these sheath covers can only hold 4.0 inch shears. Most professional hairdressing shears are between 4.5 to 6.5 inches.

Simple Scissor Sheath by Amy Oxford

shears sheathThe Amy Oxford scissor sheaths cost $4.0 and are made using black leather. Perfect for shear sizes between 3.5 to 4.00 inches. All premium-professional shear manufacturers (Hanzo, Sam Villa, Scissor Tech) have shear sizes exceeding 4.0 inches. For all practical purposes, the shear size is between 4.5 to 6.5 inches. Amy Oxford sheaths will definitely cover the tip but won’t cover the rest of the blade from environmental damage, nicks or scratches.

Lead Scissor Sheath by Leadscissors

sheath for scissorsThe Leaf Scissor Sheath is made from a soft velvet material that is not only soft but protective as well. These sheaths can be used for longer shears between 5.0 to 6.5 inches. An excellent choice costing under $7.0 per piece. The best part – for every sheath you buy, the company will plant a tree.

Bonus – HHSheath by Hattori Hanzo

sheath for shearsThe HHSheath by Hanzo costs $10 and comes in two classic colors (black and brown). The black variant is made with Faux leather while the brown is made in weathered leather. A sturdy single strap holds the finger ring firmly in place and these scissor sheaths are spill proof. Good option for bigger sized shears (5 inch and above). This strap is adjustable in nature allowing the user to fit various sized shears. A good choice for professional hairstylists!

Are Scissors Sheath Better than Shear Cases?

Shear Cases >> Scissor Sheaths

Shear cases are a better value for money for hairstylists as they allow for the storage of multiple shears in a compact manner. On the other hand, sheaths need to be purchased individually for each shear and often do not provide full coverage, making them less ideal for hairstylists who need to protect multiple pairs of scissors.