How to Sharpen Scissors at Home


how to sharpen scissors

A Professional Guide On How To Sharpen Scissors At Home

Learn how to sharpen scissors professionally. A detailed guide crafted that teaches professionals on how to sharpen scissors at home using different tools.

All hairstylists know how crucial it is to maintain sharp scissors. Leading shear manufacturers like Hanzo, Sam Villa, and Scissortech offer professional scissor sharpening services. For example, Hanzo’s Inshearance program conveniently covers sharpening for professional shears. It’s recommended that hair stylists sharpen their shears every 300 to 400 cuts or every 4 to 6 months, depending on usage. New hair stylists seeking affordable ways to sharpen scissors at home can find guidance in this article on keeping their hairstyling scissors sharp and shiny.

Professional Sharpening Services

Getting your scissors professionally sharpened is the optimal choice for maintaining sharpness. Hanzo provides a top-notch service where you can send in any Japanese-style shear, and they will expertly sharpen it. Their scissor sharpening process employs ultra non-abrasive systems to ensure precise honing of your cherished shears. The system is highly effective and completely eliminates the sharpening burr.

how to sharpen scissors professionally

I really like the Hanzo sharpening program, which only costs $13 per month. With this affordable price, you can have four sharpenings of your choice, which would otherwise cost $172. On top of that, you can receive a $100 coupon as a reward towards your next shear purchase.

How to sharpen scissors with a whetstone?

how to sharpen hair scissors with whetstoneProfessional scissor sharpening is typically more effective, but if you want to give it a try at home, you’ll need a good quality whetstone. Follow these steps:

  1. Soak the whetstone in water or oil overnight.
  2. Use a tension key to separate the two blades before sharpening.
  3. Slowly slide the blade along the whetstone, angling the tip as you push.
  4. Repeat the process for 10 to 15 minutes until you achieve the desired sharpness.
  5. Allow both blades to dry.
  6. After drying, apply oil to the blades and reassemble them.

How to sharpen scissors with professional tools?

how to sharpen scissors at homeProfessional sharpening tools are undoubtedly more effective for sharpening professional shears. One such excellent tool for sharpening scissors at home is the Ultima Scissor Sharpener Benchtop Grinder and Polisher. This tool, along with other professional shear sharpeners, can efficiently address dull blades and remove the sharpening burr. Using a professional sharpening tool is simple. Just secure your shear blade in place and glide the whetstone over the blades. The tool typically includes clips to firmly hold the shear blade, making the sharpening process much easier. Personally, I find multi-grind scissor sharpening tools preferable as they offer an easy and repeatable sharpening process. Additionally, there are electronic professional sharpening tools available for individuals dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome.

How to sharpen scissors using Rubbing Alcohol?

Alcohol is an excellent agent for cleaning hair scissors and restoring the sharpness. When you clean the blade with alcohol, all the residue gets cleaned and you are left with a sharpened scissor. Try avoiding use of any abrasive chemicals on your professional hairstyling shears as it will remove the shear life.

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How to check scissor sharpness at home?

To check if your freshly sharpened scissors are properly sharpened, take a lock of hair and make a cut. If the scissors glide smoothly through the hair and produce a nice, even sound, it indicates they are sharpened correctly. However, if the sound is not smooth or the shears make a screeching noise, it suggests that further sharpening is needed, and you should repeat the sharpening process.

It’s important to note that testing the sharpness of professional hair styling shears by cutting cloth or paper is not recommended. Hair styling shears are designed specifically for cutting hair and not intended for other materials.

How to sharpen scissors using Aluminum foil? (Unsafe)

If you don’t have a whetstone or the budget for a professional scissor sharpening tool, there is a simple scissor sharpening hack that may help, although it is not very effective. You can try sharpening the dull or blunt hair scissors by rubbing them against a surface like a mason jar. Another option is to fold a piece of tin foil into a rectangular shape to create a dense and sturdy object. However, it’s important to note that these makeshift methods may not provide optimal results compared to using proper sharpening tools. If possible, it’s recommended to invest in professional sharpening tools or seek professional sharpening services for the best results.

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Tips for Scissor Sharpening at Home

Here are some tips to keep your scissors sharp for a longer time span:

  1. Store your shears in a shear case or cover the shears with a good quality sheath.
  2. Don’t drop the shear to prevent blade damage.
  3. Clean shears after each use using a cleaning cloth.