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cutting men's hair with scissors

Cutting Men’s Hair with Scissors – A Stylists Guide


Cutting Men’s Hair with Scissors The Professionals Way When it comes to men’s haircuts, scissors are a versatile and essential ...

joe well black crest

5 Joe Wells Scissors & Shears Worth Investing Into


Are Joe Wells Scissors Worth Buying? What Are Joe Wells Scissors? Joe Well scissors are an excellent choice if you ...

texturizing shears vs thinning shears

Texturizing Shears vs Thinning Shears – What’s The Difference?


Discover the key differences between texturizing shears vs thinning shears Learn how these specialised hair-cutting tools create unique styles. Texturizing ...

hair cutting scissors jaguar

Top 5 Jaguar Scissors For The Best Haircuts


Are Jaguar Scissors good for any kind of haircut? Jaguar Scissors is a renowned brand that makes high-quality hairstyling scissors. ...

how to sharpen scissors

How to Sharpen Scissors at Home


A Professional Guide On How To Sharpen Scissors At Home Learn how to sharpen scissors professionally. A detailed guide crafted ...

can you carry scissors on a plane

Carrying Scissors On A Plane – Is That Possible?


What do authorities say about carrying scissors on a plane? Scissors are the most important tool in a professional’s toolkit. ...

joewell scissors

Joe Wells Scissors Review – Should You Invest In This Shears Brand?


Joewell Scissors Review – Should You Buy Their Shears? Joe well scissors is a renowned shear brand which has been ...

parts of scissors

Parts of Scissors – The Science Behind Scissors & Shears


The Complete Guide to Parts of Scissors Professional Hairstyling shears are the workhorse of the hairstyling and hairdressing industry. Although ...

scissor sheath

5 Coolest Scissor Sheaths To Buy In 2023 – Protect Your Shears


Professional hairstylists have a lot of money invested in high quality professional shears. These shears cost $400 upwards and can ...