5 Joe Wells Scissors & Shears Worth Investing Into


joe well black crest

Are Joe Wells Scissors Worth Buying?

What Are Joe Wells Scissors?

Joe Well scissors are an excellent choice if you wish to improve your hairstyling skills. For more than 45 years, this firm has produced top-notch shears, and it is still dedicated to perfection. Hairdressers all around the world appreciate Joe Well, which has become the top-selling brand of scissors in Japan. They continually improve to specifically cater to various market demands, offering well over 200 models on their website. Whether you like traditional or contemporary trends, Joe Well provides hairstylists all around the world with the equipment they need to create amazing hairstyles. Join the community of hairdressers who use Joe Well scissors all around the world to advance your style abilities.

Top 5 Joe Well Scissors to Buy

The Joe Well Black Crest (Texturising/Blending shear)

joe well black crest

The Joe Well Black Crest is an impressive addition to the Joe Well product line, offering exceptional features for hairstylists. With a size of 5.9 inches and a blade length of 61mm, it provides an ample cutting surface. Despite its lightweight design, weighing only 50 grams, the Black Crest delivers a powerful 35% cut ratio, thanks to its 40 teeth. Crafted from durable supreme stainless alloy, it ensures long-lasting performance. The shear is equipped with a dry bearing screw system and a silver screw cover for smooth operation and extended durability. Additionally, the handles are coated with black titanium and feature removable finger rests, enhancing comfort and strength. Prepare to enhance your hairstyling technique with the impressive Joe Well Black Crest.

The Joe Well FX-L55 (Left-handed)

joe wells scissors

Take a look at the exceptional Joe Well FX-L55 left-handed shears, which are a true representation of superior craftsmanship and sleek design. Professional hairdressers who use their left hand must have these shears. They are great for point cutting, precision cutting, and slide cutting because their blade length is 54 millimeters. Notably, the cutting-edge FX 3D handle on the FX-L55 makes natural thumb and finger movement possible, significantly reducing hand fatigue and making cutting a breeze. Find the wonderful exhibition and solace of the Joe Well FX-L55 left-gave shears.

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Supreme Powder Metal SPM-60

supreme powder metal joe well

The Supreme Powder Metal SPM-60 from Joe Well is a game-changer for professional hairstylists seeking an upgrade in their tools. With its 6.0 inch size, it is perfectly suited for point cutting, while the 71mm blade allows for creating softer and more blended hairstyles. Weighing a mere 48 grams, these shears from the SPM series have earned the prestigious 2018 Gold Award. In comparison to the SPM-50, the SPM-60 offers a longer blade and slightly increased weight, which can enhance cutting capabilities for specific hairstyling techniques. Moreover, the larger size and weight provide a better grip and balance, catering to stylists with larger hands. Unleash the full potential of your hairstyling skills with the exceptional Joe Well Supreme Powder Metal SPM-60 shears.

The Joe Well JGC-24 (Texturising/Blending shear)

joe well jgc 24

If you’re a hairstylist in search of shears that effortlessly handle cutting angled bobs, look no further than the Joe Well JGC-24. Designed with precision in mind, this shear boasts a 6.3-inch size and a 69mm blade length, perfectly suited for intricate angles and shapes. Weighing only 57.0 grams, it offers lightweight maneuverability, ensuring comfort even during extended use. With its small finger hole and 15% cut ratio, the JGC-24 excels in precision cutting. Crafted from supreme stainless alloy, the 24 teeth of this shear guarantee durability and longevity. Equipped with a dry bearing screw system and a permanent finger rest, it provides additional comfort and precision while in use. Elevate your angled bob creations with the exceptional performance of the Joe Well JGC-24 shears.

Supreme Powder Metal SPM-50

supreme powder metal spm 50

The Joe Well SPM-50, part of the Supreme Powder Metal series, is a remarkable shear that weighs a mere 42 grams. It features a medium-sized finger hole, a sword and flat blade design, and a dry-bearing screw system, eliminating the need for regular oiling while promoting ergonomic usage. What sets it apart are the premium quality silicone rubber finger rests, providing superior grip and ensuring optimal hand posture. Many professional hairstylists often encounter finger fatigue and wrist pain, but with the Joe Well SPM-50, you can work for longer periods without experiencing tiredness. Embrace the exceptional craftsmanship and fatigue-reducing benefits of the Joe Well SPM-50 to enhance your hairstyling experience.